Dental History Preservation Committee

The ADAQ Dental History Preservation Committee carries out the vision and objectives first developed by the Odontological Society of Queensland in 1905. Today, the preservation of the dental history remains a strategic objective for ADAQ.

ADAQ has been collecting historical dental files and equipment for many years. Earlier in 2019, the Committee unearthed a treasure trove from a former Brisbane Dental Hospital and Queensland College of Dentistry Building (corner of Albert and Turbot street), including a beautiful 1910 dental cabinet, an early air compressor.

Preserving the history of the dental profession and of ADAQ itself is important as an organisation that forgets its past has no future.

Current Committee members are: Dr Gary Smith, Dr Robert McCray, Dr Michael Foley, Dr Harry Akers, Dr Rick Olive, Dr Kristine Allen, and Ms Lisa Rusten.

The Committee is always looking for assistance with collection care, cataloguing and gathering historical information relating to the dental profession in Queensland and Australia.

Interested in volunteering? Please get in touch with the committee at or call 07 3252 9866.