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Why the long face? Wavrin Tooth Selection Gauge

Metal ‘Gauge for selecting artificial teeth’ patented by John A Wavrin in 1921

Alessandra Boi

My first day as a travelling school dentist

Memories of a paediatric dentist in the 1950s


Speculum Oris and Mouth Gag

A variety of implements have been used to keep a patient’s mouth open for dentistry, oral surgery, and anaesthesia...

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Dr Lenief Toothbrush

André Lenief patented its invention in 1923. At a time when toothbrushes were still expensive to purchase, interchangeable heads meant worn and smelly bristles could be discarded but the handles reused.

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Hand drills

HIstory of dental drills


Foot pedal drill treadle

HIstory of dental drills


Technological advances in dentistry Fauchard to digital

Who invented the dental chair? When was anaesthetics first used in dentistry? Find the answer and more in this short timeline

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Dentistry in Queensland: a timeline

Learn more about how ADAQ paved the path from charlatanism to profession in our state


The Queensland School Dental Service

Committed dentists and public servants fought to give every young Queenslander the opportunity to receive dental care


Tooth carpenters to be: the life of dentistry students

Studying dentistry in the twentieth century


Who was Queensland's first female dentist?

Dentistry was in a state of flux when women were first recorded performing dental treatment...

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Foundation of the Brisbane Dental Hospital 1917

In the early stages, the dental hospital in Elizabeth St, with its single chair, was staffed by a rotating roster of volunteer dentists


Queensland dentists' service in the army dental corps WWII

How did WW2 affect Queensland dentists?


And... rinse!

The awkward invitation for patients to swish and spit is a welcome sign that time in the dentist's chair is up...


Quite comfortable? Evolution of the dental chair

Commercially manufactured chairs were not available until the 1850s