ADAQ Dental History Museum & Archives

Museum’s Vision: to illuminate the past and connect it with the present

ADAQ is committed to preserving the dental history of Queensland.

ADAQ holds one of the largest dental heritage collections in Queensland and is working to ethically preserve and display these items to tell the story of dentistry and ADAQ as an organisation. Most importantly, we see our collection as an important educational tool to inform the dental community and the public on the evolution of dentistry and oral health.

ADAQ Dental Museum collection includes: a 1920s x-ray machine, dentistry cabinets and early recliner chairs, dental drills, various equipment and preparations for dental treatment, analgesics and anaesthetics, dentures and models, and much more. ADAQ archives tell the history of dental practice, dental policy and practitioner training in Queensland and Australia through publications, lecture notes and textbooks, as well as leaflets and information kits for patients.

The ADAQ Dental History Preservation Committee is currently curating and cataloguing the organisation’s historical archives and artefacts collections, with the aim to make them available to members, researchers and the wider public. A selection of items is already on display at 22 Hamilton Place, Bowen Hills, Brisbane. An online catalogue  is now available on the eHive platform. Volunteers are always welcome to help with cataloguing, donation or other support.

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