Professional Indemnity Insurance

ADAQ partners with PSC MediProtect* to provide you with insurance that complies with Ahpra requirements and provides comprehensive cover at favourable premiums. We offer a combined Professional Indemnity and Public Liability policy underwritten by A-Rated global insurer AIG.

ADAQ understands that recent graduates need some time to develop their skills so, we provide up to 18 months of Professional Indemnity Insurance after graduation FREE for ADA members (T&C apply). 

You can read more about our insurance products and apply by clicking the link below.
*PSC Mediprotect Insurance Brokers is a trading name of Insurance Marketing Group of Australia Pty Ltd which holds an AFSL 234421


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Frequently Asked Questions  


What is PI Insurance and why do I need it?

PI insurance protects you against a claim alleging that you have been negligent in the practise of the profession of dentistry. It covers the costs and expenses of defending a legal claim, as well as any damages (compensation) payable.

The Dental Board requires the PI policy to cover all aspects of your practice, all locations where you practice and include appropriate retroactive cover and automatic reinstatement. The ADAQ policy meets these requirements, as standard.

You are personally responsible for meeting the Dental Board’s registration standards relating to PI insurance. Ahpra undertake random audits to ensure that you have appropriate coverage. If you are practising without adequate PI insurance, AHPRA can take action against you which may include, for example, suspending your registration. Having appropriate PI insurance also provides you with personal security, it means that you are not personally liable to make payment for claims made against you.

What fields of dentistry does the ADAQ Policy cover?

The ADAQ PI Policy covers the practise of dentistry in any of the following fields:

  • dento-maxillofacial radiologist/oral and maxillofacial radiologist/dental radiologist;
  • endodontist;
  • specialist in oral medicine/oral medicine specialist;
  • oral pathologist;
  • orthodontist;
  • specialist in paediatric dentistry/paediatric dentist/paedodontist;
  • periodontist;
  • prosthodontist;
  • specialist in public health dentistry;
  • specialist in special needs dentistry;
  • forensic odontologist/forensic dentist;
  • dental hygienist;
  • dental therapist;
  • oral health therapist;
  • dentist;
  • clinical supervision of other practitioners;
  • audit of other practitioners; and
  • training of other practitioners.
    *Please note the policy does not provide coverage to oral and maxillofacial surgeons.


The ADAQ PI Policy also provides limited additional cover (at no extra cost) for:

  • Official investigations and enquiries
  • Defamation
  • Intellectual property
  • Medicare fraud and audit
  • Health fund audits
  • Privacy complaints
  • Consumer law claims
  • Loss of documents
  • Court attendance costs
  • Public relations expenses
  • Molestation cover
  • Emergency first aid

Do I need to notify that I am performing implants? I want to be sure I am covered for this treatment.

Yes. Provided you notify ADAQ that you are placing implants as part of your practice and pay the loading, you will be appropriately covered. Anyone who places implants as part of their practice needs to notify ADAQ, except registered specialist periodontists.

Restorative procedures on implants do not require notification and are covered under the standard PI policy.

Do I need to notify that I am placing orthodontics as part of my practice? I want to be sure I am covered for this treatment.

Yes. Provided you notify ADAQ that you are performing fixed orthodontic treatment as part of your practice and pay the additional loading, you will be appropriately covered. Anyone who performs fixed orthodontic treatment as part of their practice needs to notify, except registered specialist orthodontists.

Removable appliances, such as clear aligners, and fixed retainers do not require notification and are covered under the standard PI policy.

Is Botulinum Toxin included in my policy?

Non-Cosmetic Botulinum Toxin 

If a dentist is undertaking a treatment which falls within the scope of practice as a dentist, and the use of botulinum toxin is in conjunction with a dental procedure and not for cosmetic improvement, they the dentist will be covered under the standard PI insurance policy and they will not need to take out the cosmetic injectables extension. This may include botulinum toxin used in conjunction with dental procedures and as a treatment for headaches and TMJ issues. 

For cosmetic improvement
Members who have an ADAQ Insurance Policy may obtain extended professional indemnity insurance cover for the use of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers that is for cosmetic improvement. The standard ADAQ Insurance Policy remains in force. This botulinum toxin and dermal filler option is an extension available on request and on payment of an additional premium. The cover is available either for $1 Million or $2 Million, and Members may choose which amount of cover meets their needs.

An injectable cosmetic procedure in relation to the coverage afforded under the policy means the following:

(i) Cosmetic application of botulinum toxin outside of the oral cavity or jaws; 

(ii) Injections of dermal fillers within the perioral region, as well as the face; or 

(iii) Use of acrylic-containing materials, silicones, and hydroxyapatite fillers in the lips, cheeks and peri-oral region, provided that: 

  1. the above listed services are provided in conjunction with one or more other services listed in subparagraphs (i) to (xvii) of the "Dental Services" Definition of the policy wording; and
  2. any injectable product administered is approved for use by the Australian Government Therapeutic Goods Administration; and
  3. the policy holder is appropriately registered and licensed as required by law to provide those services.  

The cosmetic application of botulinum toxin is limited to the face, as are injections of dermal and other fillers.  

The total liability in respect of all claims made under this extension during any Period of insurance, will not exceed $1,000,000 (or $2,000,000 if that option is taken), or the remaining Limit of indemnity, whichever is the lesser. In all other respects the policy will remain unaltered. 


I am based in another state, can I purchase insurance through ADAQ?

As long as you maintain your ADA membership you can insure through ADAQ. ADA Members from different states who wish to purchase an ADAQ Insurance Policy, please contact [email protected].


I would like to transfer my insurance from another insurer to ADAQ, is there a risk my past activities will not be covered, or will I have retroactive cover?

The ADAQ Insurance Policy will provide indemnity for Your past activities as far back up as the Retroactive Date shown in your quotation schedule. In most instances this will show Unlimited which means you are covered for your activities back to when you first commenced practice in your current discipline or one similar. The issue to be aware of is really focused around any potential claims you are aware of but have not informed your existing insurer of. It is important to note therefore that if you are aware of circumstances from past treatments that might reasonably be known to have the potential to give rise to a claim in the future, it should be notified to your existing insurer prior to any move.


Do I have to pay an excess when making a claim?

Yes, there is a retention or excess of $2500 payable for claims paid.
You do not have to pay this if notifying circumstances or seeking advice and support from the ADAQ Compliance & Advisory team. The excess is cost exclusive which means that the $2,500 is only required to be paid if a claim is made, accepted and paid by your insurer. This retention helps keep premiums down and only impacts those making claims, similar to other insurance policies you may hold such as car insurance. Please refer to the policy wording for further information or contact the ADAQ Compliance & Advisory team [email protected]


I am planning on retiring or ceasing practice indefinitely, what do I need to do to ensure I am still covered for claims that may arise from my previous practice?

Unlimited run-off cover is available to qualifying members upon application to ADAQ. For qualifying members applying for this cover within 90 days of ceasing practice and during the period of insurance, Your policy will be endorsed to provide ongoing indemnity for Your activities performed up until the date You ceased practice.

It is important to notify ADAQ of the cessation of Your practice. If you don't advise ADAQ, Your policy will not be endorsed to provide run-off cover which may expose you to liability arising from claims, you first learn about beyond the date you ceased practice. 


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