President's Update - September 2022
Friday, 09 September 2022
Duration: 02:18
ADAQ President Dr Matthew Nangle shares an update from his office at The University of Queensland Dental School. Dr Nangle shares his experience on the ADAQ Council and encourages Members to Nominate.

Transcript (auto-generated):

Hello everyone.

I'm talking to you from my office at The University of Queensland School of Dentistry. Which as I look to my left is only a two or three-minute drive from ADAQ headquarters.

I want to talk to you today about upcoming Council Elections.
In this cycle we have elections up for Burnett, Western, Central, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Divisions.

The job is really about being the strategy behind ADAQ Staff achieving our missions and goals.

So, your job as a Councillor, on the Board Directors, it's not just about understanding what's happening financially and understanding what's happening at that everyday working level.

It's more about strategising and guiding ADAQ through certain and sometimes uncertain times, as we've seen recently.

It’s a job I've thoroughly enjoyed. My Presidency will end this year, but I will still retain my position on Council as an ex-officio member as a Past President.

Nominations for ADAQ Council close on the 23rd of September. So, please
keep an eye on the website linked and any E-news blasts that we send you and again, I can only strongly encourage you to consider joining us and helping ADAQ remain as the vibrant and dynamic organization that it is.

ADAQ's primary goals are advocacy of the profession promoting the
Profession. But also promoting you in your career both at a personal level and a professional level. We have a number of Member services as you're aware of, and part of your role on Council is to make sure that these services are meeting the needs of the profession at the moment and going forward.

It's an important job and it is a major service role in the profession, and I encourage you at any any walk of life in your dental career, whether you're young or old experienced or inexperienced, working in any branch of Dentistry, clinical or academic, to please consider joining us on ADAQ Council.

It is your organisation, and it exists for you. So, I do encourage you to look into joining us on its Board of Directors.

Thank you.

Learn more about ADAQ Council Nominations and Nominate at
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President's Update - September 2022
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