Oral Surgery – Module 3 - Wisdom Teeth

Oral Surgery – Module 3 - Wisdom Teeth
This hands-on course is designed for dentists.

Oral surgery series overview

This Course consist of 3 Model based modules and a 2 day Cadaver based module designed to consolidate undergraduate and early career experience in Exodontia and Minor Oral Surgery knowledge and techniques for the General Dental Practitioner.

The Course will provide updated review of important aspects of patient management required to safely carry out Exodontia and Minor Oral Surgery procedures in the General Dental Practice Setting.

The Course will provide a review of potential complications which may arise when carrying out Exodontia and Minor Oral Surgery procedures in the General Dental Practice Setting to assist attendees in case selection and communication with their patients.

This course is not intended to expand scope of practice.

By providing knowledge review and hands on practical experience the course will assist practitioners in defining their own scope of practice in order to meet their obligations under the Dental Board of Australia’s Registration Standards.


Module 3 Overview

Following a presentation on case selection and treatment planning for wisdom teeth removal attendees will carry out several exercises on models of impacted wisdom teeth of various difficulty levels.

Presentations will be provided on Radiographic Assessment of Third Molar Teeth.

A presentation and exercise on repair of antral communication will provide attendees with the knowledge required to discuss this procedure with patients.

Course prerequisites

This course is open to Registered Dental Practitioners who have completed the Oral Surgery - Module 2 course.

Learning Objectives

TOPIC 1 - Treatment Planning for Third Molar Teeth

  • Indicators of Difficulty Impacted Third Molar teeth
  • Indicators of Risk of Inferior Dental Nerve Injury
  • Case selection

TOPIC 2 - Removal of Wisdom Teeth

  • Techniques for removal of partially impacted Third Molar teeth
  • Group Exercise - Removal of Third Molar Teeth of various difficulty levels

TOPIC 3 - Radiographic Assessment of Third Molar Teeth

  • Radiographic Indicators of Difficulty Impacted Third Molar teeth
  • Radiographic Indicators of Risk of Inferior Dental Nerve Injury
  • Advanced Imaging Techniques

TOPIC 4 - Maxillary Sinus Communication Repair

  • Practical Exercise - Flap repair Oro-Antral Communication

Presenter/s biography

A/Prof Anthony Lynham

Anthony completed his surgical training in Maxillofacial surgery in Queensland. A Fellowship visit to Switzerland enabled him to gain further experience in this fascinating surgical field. Dr Lynhams’ experience includes dento-alveolar surgery, dental implants, wisdom teeth, facial trauma and reconstruction, sleep apnoea surgery, orthognathic surgery, bone grafting and oro-facial pathology. He has a special interest in orbital surgery , trauma surgery and post traumatic facial reconstructive surgery.

Anthony has returned to practice after serving as a senior government minister. It was here that significant legislative reforms were implemented to lessen the incidence of trauma in our society. He now serves as clinical director at the Jamieson Trauma Institute.

 Dr Edward Hsu

Dr Edward Hsu obtained his dental qualification with honours from the UQ in 1999 and medical qualification also from UQ in 2003. Following advanced surgical training rotating through most of the major hospitals in Queensland, Dr Hsu obtained the qualification of FRACDS (OMS) and is registered as a specialist oral and maxillofacial surgeon with both the Australian Dental Board and the Australian Medical Board. Dr Hsu then completed additional surgical fellowship training in one of the busiest tertiary referral hospitals in London, UK.

Event Pricing

ADA Member Dentist - $1320
ADA Member 1st and 2nd Year Graduate - $1000
Non-Member Dentist - $1716


CPD Points

6.5 Scientific hours



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Event Reviews

"I am very impressed with the teeth models used to mimic real life situations. Working on the models help with the understanding of how difficult a surgical extraction can be and the complications that may arise. Dr Lynham and Dr Hsu were very approachable and helped with managing difficult surgical extractions and explained in great detail on management of risks and complications. The supporting staff were amazing, always ensuring that we had enough equipment to use and perform the surgeries on the models. Overall it is a great course and worth attending to attain the next level of surgical skills in a dental practice."

"Great course series of oral surgery. Excellent and approachable presenters."

"The course was fantastic and gave me additional confidence to manage surgical complications and more difficult extractions in clinical practice."

"This is an excellent course to help build your knowledge and skill level alveoli oral surgery techniques necessary to help our patients. I highly recommend these series of oral surgery courses."


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6/10/2022 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
ADAQ CPD and Training Centre 26-28 Hamilton Place Bowen Hills, QLD 4006 AUSTRALIA
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