We're dedicated to improving policy for our members in dentistry, and championing accessible, high-quality dental care for all Queenslanders. We invite you to explore our list of advocacy projects, reflecting our commitment to advancing oral health. Your active participation is vital as we continue shaping Queensland's oral health landscape. Let's work together towards our shared mission. 

Interprofessional collaborative practice

ADAQ recognises the value of collaborative practices in primary care. We commit to support members in fostering interprofessional collaboration and agility in their own areas of practice. We commend the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency Board (Ahpra)’s Accreditation Committee for their decision to embed interprofessional collaborative practice (IPCP) goals for health professions in the future.

Senate Inquiry Submissions

All ADA members and indeed every dental practitioner and their teams are invited to make their own submission to the Senate Inquiry, and share their experience and stories with the Senate Select Committee. Grassroots submissions by local practitioners and the patient community are greatly valued.

Position Statement – Water Fluoridation

Community fluoridation is one of the simplest, safest and most inexpensive preventative health measures known to unquestionably work at every life stage. This paper highlights the overwhelming evidence about the safety of regulated fluoridation in the Australian context.

Position statement - Reducing the impact of sugar-added drinks and food

ADAQ's views on public health actions that should be taken to combat the health effects of excessive sugar consumption to reduce harmful sugar intake levels in the general population. including a 'sugar tax', stricter food labeling, restrictions on high-sugar foods and beverages, and increased funding for health campaigns and free oral care.

Position statement - Vaping and e-liquids

Expression of concern over the prevalence of vaping among youth, recognizing dentists' roles in raising awareness of its dangers. ADAQ advocates for a ban on vaping devices and e-liquids sales, and calls for dedicated research funding to understand mid and long-term health implications of vaping, including oral health.

ADA Federal Advocacy

From Senate investigations and annual reports to pressing societal concerns, explore the pivotal milestones and challenges that shape the dental landscape in Australia. Detailed reports, and insightful discussions, the ADA continually addresses the evolving challenges and milestones within Australia's dental sector

ADA Federal Policy Statements

Australian Dental Association's policy index, encompassing a wide range of areas including dental practice, administration, governance, national oral health, professional development, and workforce education.