CANCELLED Laser Training: Pre-Licensing Course - K'gari

CANCELLED Laser Training: Pre-Licensing Course - K'gari
In conjunction with AALD 2024 Conference on K'gari / Fraser Island this hands-on course is designed for Dentists, Oral Health Therapists, Dental Therapists and Hygienists. *Special conference discount applied for course attendees.

Course overview 

Dental practitioners can use lasers to augment or replace traditional instruments in a range of clinical procedures. While low power lasers used in diagnostic aids are not regulated under radiation safety legislation, higher power lasers (Class 4) used in restorative dentistry, bleaching and minor oral surgery are regulated in Qld and some other jurisdictions. In the coming years, uniform national regulatory legislation is expected to be introduced. The need for formal training in laser safety is a key element so that these devices are used both effectively and safely. 

This course is approved by Radiation Health Queensland (course code ED029). Its content follows the recommendations of AS/NZS4173:2004 in terms of training requirements for dental clinicians. 

The course assumes no prior knowledge of laser physics and is designed specifically for the new laser user and for those wanting to understand how the technology is used in practice and how different laser types interact with tissues in unique ways. 

  • The course includes a lecture and benchtop hands-on components, as well as a written examination. Please see below for a breakdown of the course topics: 
  • The generation of laser light and its unique properties 
  • Laser delivery systems, including their optics and performance 
  • Modes of operation of lasers, and how these are selected for different clinical applications 
  • Interactions of laser radiation with soft and hard tissues 
  • Soft tissue surgery 
  • Caries removal, laser etching and laser-induced analgesia 
  • Methods of laser enhanced bleaching 
  • Low level laser therapy and laser disinfection 
  • Hazards of surgical lasers used in dentistry 
  • Laser safety considerations including hazard area assessment, selection of eyewear, in office protocols and checklists, and administrative controls  

Learning Objectives

To make an informed decision about how lasers can enhance their clinical practice, dental practitioners need to gain an appreciation of:

  • where lasers can be used, 
  • what advantages they offer, 
  • what their limitations are, and
  • how the technology can be handled safely. 

Presenter biography

Emeritus Professor Laurence Walsh AO


Laurie Walsh has contributed to writing Australian standards for laser safety since 1992, and is the author of the ADA Practical Guide on Lasers. He has over 25 years experience as a Laser Safety Officer. Laurie is a member of the Australian Institute for Safety and Health, and an associate member of the Australian Institute of Physics. As an emeritus professor at UQ since 2021, he continues to research in the area of laser technologies, and collaborates with laser research teams at ANU and Griffith University on advanced laser systems for dentistry. Laurie holds over 10 patents on laser technologies. He has taught laser physics and medical laser safety for over 30 years. He has undertaken clinical and laboratory trials for a wide range of lasers, and he has published over 100 papers and 3 textbooks on lasers in dentistry. Laurence has over 30 years clinical experience with using lasers for oral surgery, hard tissue procedures and for photobiomodulation. He has presented over 200 hands-on courses on lasers across Australia and internationally. Laurie served as the president of the Australian Association for Laser Dentistry from 2018-2024.

Event Pricing

ADA Member - $770
ADA Member Clinical Staff* - $770

1st & 2nd Year Graduate ADA Member - $660
Non-Member - $1000
Non-Member Clinical Staff* - $1000

*Clinical staff include Oral Health Therapists, Dental Therapists and Hygienists.

CPD Points

6.5 Scientific hours 

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If you wish to attend the conference this must be registered for separately with AALD. *Course delegates who register for the AALD conference will receive $200 off their conference registration fee. Please use Promo Code “ADAQ”. The conference organisers will confirm your ADAQ course registration and process your conference registration with the discount. Special pricing on accommodation is available for a short time. 

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1/1/2024 - 2/1/2024
Kingfisher Bay Island Resort K'Gari River Heads Road K'gari/ Fraser Island, QLD 4655 AUSTRALIA

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