Practice Accreditation

ADAQ provides Dentists with a range of accreditation information and support resources to assist with interpreting the requirements of the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards  (NSQHS Standards).

For further information about Accreditation, please read through the Practice Accreditation information on the ADA website.

What is practice accreditation?

1. Register with an Accrediting Agency

They will conduct the accreditation audit. You can select either QIP or HDAA

2. Access ADA Accreditation Hub

ADA has developed a suite of templates to assist you though the accreditation process. You can also read the Summary of Evidence Guide for the full list of documents you need to complete.

3. Get support from ADAQ

ADAQ offers professional, relevant and practical support over the phone or email at no cost as a member benefit. We can also assist with customised Accreditation Document Development. This is an additional service and include customisation of accreditation templates and more.

4. You are ready to submit

Once you have developed all of the required evidence, you are ready to submit to the auditor. You can submit this evidence electronically using an online portal.