Practice Advisory Services

ADAQ’s dedicated Education and Practice Advisory Team can assist with increasing efficiency and compliance, reducing costs and improving overall practice performance. We offer a range of services to our Members and Non-Members. 

Consultancy Services

 Consultancy Services  Pricing (incl. GST)
 Member  Non Member
 Practice Health Check up
  • 1 x on-site visit by ADAQ staff member (approx. 2 hours)
  • Verbal discussion on findings with Dentist and Practice Manager
  • Written report on findings and/or recommendations to Dentist and Practice Manager.
 $495 total  $1,485 total
 Infection Control / Radiation Safety Staff Training
  • ADAQ staff member can train your Practice staff on all areas of Infection Control or Radiation Safety.
    (we recommend a minimum of 2 hours to ensure thorough training)
 $220 per hour  $660 per hour
 Infection Control Services incl. Staff Training
  • Review and develop infection control documents for your Practice
  • 1 x on-site visit to conduct Infection Control Health Check (approx. 2 hours)
  • Develop Infection Control Management Plan for your Practice
  • Develop Infection Control Manual, customised for your Practice
  • Provide additional Infection Control documents- templates for risk register, sharps and immunisations
  • Provide staff training on Infection Control (max. 2 hours).
 $1,650 total  $4,950 total
 Accreditation Document Development
  • Review of current accreditation documents (if available)
  • Customisation of accreditation templates for your Practice
  • Dedicated advisor will liaise with your Practice to ensure accurate customisation of documents
  • Assist practice with accreditation policies
  • Upload required documents to Accreditation Pro on behalf of your Practice.
(This also applies for re-accreditation if previous templates are not available or need to be redeveloped) 
 $880 total  $2,640 total
 Re-accreditation Document Review & Submission
 (This option is only available to practices who completed their initial accreditation submission with ADAQ Document Development)
  • Review existing accreditation templates
  • Customise additional templates required for re-accreditation
  • Liaise with Practice to ensure accurate customisation of documents
  • Assist Practice with accreditation registers
  • Upload required documents onto Accreditation Pro on behalf of your Practice.
 $330 total  $990 total
 General Consultancy
  • ADAQ consultants can visit your Practice to discuss and assist on a range of topics, including: Accreditation, documentation, Infection Control and practical Dental Assistant training.
 $220 per hour  $660 per hour

** Travel will be charged when a member would like the practice visit conducted at a specific date and time which doesn't match-in with other visits to the area. Cost could include flights, accommodation, hire car or ADAQ vehicle ($110 per hour travel) as applicable.

To book any of the above services please complete the booking form.